Ideas Come From Staring Out The Diner Window

Sometime last Wednesday I decided to treat myself to lunch.  I grabbed my notebook and a pen to go with me just in case any ideas wanted to come along.  Its a small notebook, the kind that fits in a pocket.  I hiked the 15 minutes up to Kmart where they still have a restaraunt for lunch.  Yes, our Kmart still has one of those old family diners attached to it.  And while it has come to look more generic and cookie cutter over the years, I hope they never close it either.

Anyhow, back on topic.  While I was sitting at my booth, after ordering a Reuben and fries, I started looking around like I usually do.  I remebered as a child the old dining rooms of Woolworth’s and Kmarts predecessor S.S. Kressge.  They’ve only been gone for about 20 years.  This brought my attention to the ketsup bottle on the table.  Heinz 57 Varieties to be precise.  Now what the heck does that mean?  57 varieties.  This made me think of writing about it; which in turn makes me get out my notebook and find a blank page.  I write down the topic “What’s behind the 57 in Heinz ketsup?”  Then I conclude that this is some odd thing that people think up when sitting in diners.  This thought leads me to wondering about how Kmart came up with the old diners in their stores and how many are left.  This gives me another topic to write about.  So I write that down.  Now I’m sitting there staring out the window wondering about these two ideas, when another topic pops up…clouds.  I’m looking at the clouds outside and think, “what the heck is a cloud really?  And why are they there?”  I’m not a weather person.  But this gives me a third idea to research.  And so it goes. 

By the time lunch arrives I’m up to 15 topic ideas.  While eating I continue to think and look out the window.  This has now become a fun game for me and ideas just keep wondering along.  I add another ten topics to the list, as well as about five ideas for this blog.  As I’m finishing up lunch, I’m also thinking about where all these topics can eventually go.  There seem to be a few places. 

After lunch I go out and wander Kmart to see if I could use anything.  I did need pet food.  Looking around the store makes me wonder how big stores like this seem so stocked with stuff, yet don’t really have much of anything I want.  Another topic!  It just keeps going. 

Now I take my notebook with me everywhere.  You never know where the next idea is hiding at, or what other ideas it may bring along?

People keep wondering how topics and ideas are created.  Others simply tell you that they just are created.  I’ll give you my words on it too.   Just get out of bed and look around you.  Go outside and let the world hit you with information.  They’re out there, topics everywhere.        

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