Job Mentality Writers

There are those who consider freelance content writing a business and those who consider it a hobby. There are also those who act as if their freelance writing is a business but work it as a hobby or job. I know writers who want to be six figure freelancers and others who want to make a few extra bucks. Both are fine and good for the individual. Most freelance writers get into content writing to break free of the job mentality.

I just want enough to support myself without needing to worry about a “paycheck”. I want to be able to tell people how I don’t have to fit myself into the “paystub” mentality and earn my own income with my own hands at my own pace. If I succeed or fail, it will be because I did or did not make it work – not because someone paid me to show up and perform a set function.

How many people working for content mills started out with the intention of being a freelance writer – only to have the writing become another “paystub”. I remember the writer forums on two large content sites were full of people who use them to “get by” and “pay the bills”. Yes, they do work somewhat independently; but at the same time, they do still rely on one maybe two major providers to earn income. One of those sites, and both forums are long gone. That, to me, is way too close to having a job. Should a content mill fail to pay on time, or at all, you are as stuck without money, as you would be if you were told your boss was unable to pay you and the business is having difficulties.

Demand Media had a couple of situations like this in the past when Friday pay didn’t show up for many until Saturday due to issues with PayPal. They tried to pay too many people too much money at one time and it stalled. On the forums there were, as there always are, those who panic when money isn’t there on time.

Allow me to let those of you working for content mills in on the joke here. If you are using sites like DMS or Textbroker as your sole income, you are a contract worker – in other words, an employee without the tax headache for the site.

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