About “Made for Adsense” Sites, We’ve Seen This Model Before

Ever since Google struck with Panda, lots of content mills and other sites using Adsense for a business model have been the target of, I’ve heard a lot of attacks on people that put up sites just for ad revenue. I gotta tell ya people, this type of business model isn’t new – not at all.

The idea behind the MFA (made for adsense) sites is simple; provide a platform, fill it with enough content to be engaging or at least something that people stay around for, put as many ads as possible on the platform to support yourself and make a profit. Now, go to the local newsstand, library or office with a waiting room. Look for the magazines. Pick one up, and flip through the pages. Surprise! You see more ads than content.

I realized this when I was flipping through magazines at a doctors office. The available magazines of choice were Vanity Fair, People and Us Weekly. The first thing that struck me was number of ads I found before even reading one word of content. Then I noticed the ratio of ads to content. As an example, out of say 50 pages, at least 30 were full page ads. The remaining pages were snippets of content that were meant for quick reading – no real thought required. Anything sound familiar yet? Yep, the MFA sites are the same damn thing; so are the content mills.

The only difference is that you pay $10 for the magazine. They haven’t found a way to do that online yet.

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